Trump and WE the People have cause to distrust and disparage the liberal media.

Trump and WE the People have cause to distrust, detest and disparage the liberal media.  The liberal media became the propaganda arm of the Obama Administration and the cheerleader for Hillary Clinton, ignoring, downplaying and excusing the blatant deceptions, corruption and incompetence of both and demeaning and misrepresenting the views of every conservative candidate, especially Donald Trump.

From Fast and Furious to Benghazi to encouraging revolution and regime change in the Middle East to arming Islamists to depose Assad, Mubarak  and Khadafy, to the red line to the increased surveillance state to the created race and police brutality crisis, to damaging identity politics that divide us, to the dangerous Iran Deal to Obama’s OFA paid agitators disrupting, distorting, deceiving to the leaking of government information to stop Trump from reducing, reforming and reorganizing our bureaucracies and reforming foreign policy, it has been an amazing anti American attempt to change America into a government by unelected authoritarian bureaucracy controlled by the leftist elite in Government, Business, Finance, Academia and Media. Unfortunately, Obama has not stopped pursuing his anti American vision. He has ramped up OFA and trained 30,000 agitators to continue to disrupt, deceive and destabilize America. Obama and the radical left know that their obscene agenda can only succeed thru the destabilization cause by economic failure and social disruption. Soros, Steyer and other billionaire globalists have the money to pay for Obama’s vision, their leftist vision.

In retaliation, the liberal media is trying to put a label of an anti free press on President Trump when it is their own behavior that has earned them scorn by our President and our people.  Unfortunately, even the good media has bought into their faux concern. It was not Trump who kicked out a conservative reporter from the White House Press Pool. That was Obama. It was not Trump who  litigated and spied on a reporter, his family and his employer because he was asking too many probing questions. That was Obama. Whether it was because of intimidation , coercion or collusion, the liberal media became State Media under President Obama.  They literally, let him hurt our nation and her people.

President Trump has a right to free speech, too. He has a right to call out the liberal press who continue to distort, demean  and disparage Trump’s agenda.  Case in point, instead of calling it a temporary security ban of 7 nations, the liberal media reports it is a Muslim ban and that canard is carried thru the liberal activist court. Instead of saying it is a deportation of undocumented felons, the liberal media reports it is a deportation of immigrants. Instead of calling it a patient based healthcare replacement for the ACA, the media reports it is a denial of care for our people. Instead of saying how dangerous the intelligence leaks are by leftist activists in our bureaucracies, the media reports how distrustful and worried intel and bureaucrats are of President Trump and his team.  Instead of reporting facts, the liberal media deceitfully reports Trump is a racists, a bigot, an anti Semitic, an Islamophobia, anti women, a fascist, a white supremacist, despite the fact that if you look at the Trump Administration , if you look at Trump’s business, you see inclusion, impartiality and diversity.

The liberal media deserves our scorn and distrust. They have not served us well. They have not protected our freedoms. They have not reported truthfully.  They have abused their free press right, demeaning and ridiculing  conservatives and their beliefs, distracting and disrupting with create crisis, deceiving thru omission and distorting, disparaging the conservative vison and indeed the conservative American people. The liberal media has decided to incite the mob, instead of informing us.  Yes, the liberal media, deserve Trump and We the People’s scorn and distrust.


Hitler was a social justice warrior, just like the Democrats


When you look at what Hitler did before he became the existential enemy of the free world, you see the exact same playbook from Democrats and Barack Obama. Hitler denounced capitalism and free markets, just like the Democrats do at every turn. He demonized the Jews, just like the Democrats demonize Israel and PM Netanyahu.  He made his opposition the enemy, just like the Democrats make all conservatives their enemy. He made ethnic Germans , an aggrieved group victimized by his enemy list, just like the Democrats do when they say Republicans, Trump, police and all conservatives are the enemies of immigrants, African Americans, the gay community, the Muslim community and all other minority groups.  Clearly Identity politics and grievance rhetoric are being used by the Democrats to organize and unite, just like Hitler used them to organize and unite all Germans to support him.  Clearly Democrats are using deception, distortion and inciting rhetoric to organize and unite against conservatives, Trump and his team. They are using Sal Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to protest and riot. In fact Barack Obama’s group OFA has trained 30,000 agitators to disrupt and divide this nation at all public events and George Soros, a known global Marxist is funding more agitators. What kind of ex President disrupts and destabilizes the nation he says he loves? Not a good one that is for sure.

Why are the Democrats being so obstructive and why are they demonizing Trump and his Entire Team?

Why is the Democrat leadership being so obstructive and demonizing to every member of the Trump team? Because they think Trump and his team will fix the mess that career politicians, unelected bureaucrats and their cronies have made.  That has to be the answer.  They know they cannot force their vision on America unless there is social unrest and economic failure. We have only to look at the inner cities to see what the Democrat leadership want for this country. We have only to look at the crisis’ created from the false distorted rhetoric of  Barack Obama , the Democrats and the politicized DOJ did to force federal controls on our local and state police. You only have to look at the dangerous 20 Trillion dollar debt to know this is what they want- economic failure, destabilization and chaos to force their vision. What is that vision? We just have to look at the Obama years to know.  They want us to surrender to governance by unelected authoritarian global and state bureaucracies controlled by the leftist elites in  Government, Business, Finance, Academia and Media. It is what has happened in Europe. That is the reason Britain voted for Brexit. The Trump Presidency was Americas No vote to the Democrat vision, but they continue to create social unrest with their organized protests, using the 30,000 Sal Alinsky trained agitators from Barack Obama’s OFA.  Our former President is a bit of a snake and the Democrat leadership supports his evil vision for America, the land of the free.

The resignation of General Flynn raises questions about our Surveillance State and “insider” leftist activists willing to do our nation harm to delegitimize Trump and his team.

The resignation of General Flynn raises questions about our Surveillance State and “insider” leftist activists willing to do our nation harm to delegitimize Trump and his team.  It certainly proves that Obama used every bureaucracy as a political weapon against his opposition, including the DOJ.
HMMMMM..Lets get this straight, the Obama Administration, used the DOJ&FBI to spy on an American citizen and then the Obama activists still in the DOJ leaked the information after they informed our President,never giving  him a chance to deal with it as he saw fit. I thought it was against the law to spy on our citizens?  I thought it was against the law to leak information? Anyone hear about the three Muslim DOJ employees who were caught last week, accessing foreign leaders calls and leaking to the media?  The left has got so fanatical, they have undermined our security in their quest to demonize and delegitimize Trump and his team. Do we really want to confirm that we spy on Foreign leaders inside the US? NO we don’t. Do we really want Foreign leaders to be afraid of calling and talking to our President about sensitive matters? No we don’t. Do we really want leftist activists in government positions spying on our President and his people, leaking distorted and sensitive information ? No we don’t.  Before the  demonizing spin starts from the liberal media,  Flynn broke no laws. He is allowed to speak with foreign leaders and represent Trump’s views to them. He gave false information, whether unintentionally or intentionally, to the Vice President.  That was why he resigned.  Flynn’s resignation letter showed how honorable he is and how much he loves his country.  He did not want to hurt the Trump Administration with the distraction that the left would use as a cudgel to demonize Trump and his team,  so he resigned. He also did not want the left to demonize Putin so much that a more harmful divide would be created with Russia. The left and some war hawks in the Republican Party seem to want another Russian Cold War with the numerous costly proxy wars that come with it, instead of trying to negotiate for better behavior and perhaps find a partner in our war against the world’s common existential enemy, Radical Islam and its barbaric supremacist political theology.  You don’t bully a bully, an authoritarian, especially an alpha man. You look for common threads and work it out. You negotiate and you make a deal.  We worked with the Soviet Union against Germany. I am sure we can world with Russia to eradicate the jihadists and perhaps working with us will modify some of Russia’s  bad behavior.  Ostracizing Russia will only bring more harm to the area and make it align with the despots in this world.

America will blame the Democrats, the Liberal Media and the protestors for the next Homeland Attack.

America will blame the Democrats, the Liberal Media, the Hollywood liberal elite, the paid agitators and the protestors for the next Homeland Attack.  For some time Democrats have been deceiving and distorting facts to incite and divide the American people.

It started a few years ago, when they distorted the facts about what really happened when a policeman shot a black man in Ferguson. They accused police and all of America to having inherent racism.  Hands up don’t shoot never happened. The man attacked the policeman. Racism was never involved.  Democrats continued to lie about every police shooting of a black man. They demonized the police so much, they became targets, many police have been shot and a high number died. They demonized white people so much by calling them racists, many were assaulted, including mentally challenged people.  They organized protests, filled with angry people, anarchists and paid protestors. The media covered it and unfairly demonized the police that protect them and us.  The media repeated the lies and the distortion.

Which brings us to the unhealthy demonization of Trump, his family, his supporters . and his team. Every day, we see the distortion of facts and outright lies of the Democrats and the media.  The leftist activists have even gone after businesses, extorting and threatening them to drop Ivanka Trump’s brand, her clothing and home furnishings.  They have attacked President Trumps children, even his ten year old. Their fanaticism has gotten dangerous. It needs to stop. The left must see their intolerance and bigotry have become a sickness. The ends do not justify any means. In fact, the ends will not be what the Democrats hope. America is fed up with the lies and distortion. America is fed up with the innuendo and deception. We have started to listen to what Trump says. We read the executive orders . We know what they say. We know the liberal media spins facts to fit their bigoted intolerance for conservatives and Trump.

Democrats complain about the rough roll out of the immigration ban, as they continue to obstruct and delay President Trump from forming his cabinet. Democrats continue to create crisis after crisis, they continue to disrupt and distract with their lies and incitement rhetoric. While our police are busy with the violent protests and disruption from the Democrat lies, will a terrorist attack slip by them?   Will the delay in forming Trump’s cabinet cause a terrorist to slip by authorities? Will we have another financial crisis because Trump’s people are not governing, reducing, reforming or reorganizing our bloated, incompetent corrupt bureaucracies?  Will a terrorist slip in through immigration because an activist Judge and an activist Circuit Court delayed a temporary ban on 7 nations who do not have reliable public records to use when vetting immigrants?  How dare the courts put our nation in such danger. Only Trump and his team have seen the threat assessment and the intel reports. Again the media and the Democrats have lied regarding that ban. They have said it is a Muslim Ban, despite the other 43 Muslim nations not being in it and despite the executive order saying it was a regional ban. They also carried the judges lie that not one terrorist has come from those banned nations, despite knowing that there have been 72 people from those same nations have been found to be involved in terrorism.

I will blame Democrats, I will blame the liberal media, I will blame the Hollywood leftist activists, I will blame the paid agitators and I will blame the protestors if we are attacked because they stopped and hindered the focus on our security.  Most of America will blame them, not President Trump and his team, who the left has obstructed at every turn. Democrats and the  liberal media lied, spun and distorted facts and they have put our nation and our people in danger.  Most of America will blame them for their disruption and obstruction. We are fed up with their intolerance and bigotry that leads them to create chaos.  We are fed up with their blind hatred and fanaticism.


The dangerous act of the 9th circuit has put our people in danger.

The same people who are objecting to this temporary ban will be the same hypocrites blaming Trump for the next terrorist attack on our people. The order if you read it, is about security concerns and improving the vetting system. Libs are so full of hate and discontent, blinded to the truth by their own fanaticism, intolerance, partisanship, ideology and bigotry. ………When will our courts ever decide to obey the Constitution and enforce our laws instead of ignoring the Constitution and our laws , legislating from the bench, to bring about an outcome or punishments that please them? This time the liberal judges have put our people in danger with their activism. Liberals, Democrats celebrate this reckless ruling, willing to sacrifice our safety for political gain.
USCcode1182 Inadmissible aliens.
(f)Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President
Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.
Presidential Oath of Office in the Constitution: :—“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

The truth about the Democrat Party

The truth about the Democrat Party. Dems were the ones that formed the KKK. Dems were the ones that made the Jim Crow laws. President Johnson was the one that said his welfare for Black People would ensure the Democrat Black vote because they would be government dependent. For decades Democrats have been encouraging voter fraud. They are against voter ID and have encouraged non citizens to vote. They have been caught voting more than once. They have been caught harvesting absentee ballots and filling them out. They have been caught intimidating voters at the booth. To this day in some areas UNIONS collect absentee ballots from their members in an obvious intimidation and control act. Democrats have been the party of cheaters and smear merchants and last night, we witnessed Senator Warren in all her smear merchant glory as she impugned the character of Jeff Sessions by bringing up a voter fraud case that he brought against his black constituents. What she did not reveal is that the defendants had gathered absentee ballots belonging to other African Americans and filled them out themselves. They stole African American votes and Sessions tried to make bring justice to them, but the defense lied and distorted the truth, Democrats intimidate and coerced plaintiffs and witnesses, causing social disruption, so that the defendants were found not guilty.  Warren even read a letter from Coretta Scott King that she wrote 30+ years ago against Jeff Sessions nomination for the Federal Court. Democrats actually misinformed and used Mrs King in their “Borking” of Jeff Sessions three decades ago and shamefully, they are trying it again today with the same deceptions and distortions. Warren continued to quote Senator Kennedy, who led the case to demean and destroy Senator Sessions, denying his Federal placement.
Democrats have become a party of deceit, distort, cheating, and smear merchants. Everyone knows that Elizabeth Warren stole minority benefits by falsely claiming to be of American Indian heritage for her college employment. She has no moral standing. She should never be allowed to spread her lies of half truths and innuendo on the Senate floor, again. Her behavior is disgraceful.
Democrats have embraced the Sal Alinsky mantra that the ends justify any means necessary. Deception, distortion, innuendo, litigation, intimidation, social disruption….all are permissible weapons by Democrats to force their will on us. There is no honor left in the Democrat Party leadership. They do not serve their constituents. They serve their party, their leftist ideology and themselves.