The truth about the Democrat Party

The truth about the Democrat Party. Dems were the ones that formed the KKK. Dems were the ones that made the Jim Crow laws. President Johnson was the one that said his welfare for Black People would ensure the Democrat Black vote because they would be government dependent. For decades Democrats have been encouraging voter fraud. They are against voter ID and have encouraged non citizens to vote. They have been caught voting more than once. They have been caught harvesting absentee ballots and filling them out. They have been caught intimidating voters at the booth. To this day in some areas UNIONS collect absentee ballots from their members in an obvious intimidation and control act. Democrats have been the party of cheaters and smear merchants and last night, we witnessed Senator Warren in all her smear merchant glory as she impugned the character of Jeff Sessions by bringing up a voter fraud case that he brought against his black constituents. What she did not reveal is that the defendants had gathered absentee ballots belonging to other African Americans and filled them out themselves. They stole African American votes and Sessions tried to make bring justice to them, but the defense lied and distorted the truth, Democrats intimidate and coerced plaintiffs and witnesses, causing social disruption, so that the defendants were found not guilty.  Warren even read a letter from Coretta Scott King that she wrote 30+ years ago against Jeff Sessions nomination for the Federal Court. Democrats actually misinformed and used Mrs King in their “Borking” of Jeff Sessions three decades ago and shamefully, they are trying it again today with the same deceptions and distortions. Warren continued to quote Senator Kennedy, who led the case to demean and destroy Senator Sessions, denying his Federal placement.
Democrats have become a party of deceit, distort, cheating, and smear merchants. Everyone knows that Elizabeth Warren stole minority benefits by falsely claiming to be of American Indian heritage for her college employment. She has no moral standing. She should never be allowed to spread her lies of half truths and innuendo on the Senate floor, again. Her behavior is disgraceful.
Democrats have embraced the Sal Alinsky mantra that the ends justify any means necessary. Deception, distortion, innuendo, litigation, intimidation, social disruption….all are permissible weapons by Democrats to force their will on us. There is no honor left in the Democrat Party leadership. They do not serve their constituents. They serve their party, their leftist ideology and themselves.



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