America will blame the Democrats, the Liberal Media and the protestors for the next Homeland Attack.

America will blame the Democrats, the Liberal Media, the Hollywood liberal elite, the paid agitators and the protestors for the next Homeland Attack.  For some time Democrats have been deceiving and distorting facts to incite and divide the American people.

It started a few years ago, when they distorted the facts about what really happened when a policeman shot a black man in Ferguson. They accused police and all of America to having inherent racism.  Hands up don’t shoot never happened. The man attacked the policeman. Racism was never involved.  Democrats continued to lie about every police shooting of a black man. They demonized the police so much, they became targets, many police have been shot and a high number died. They demonized white people so much by calling them racists, many were assaulted, including mentally challenged people.  They organized protests, filled with angry people, anarchists and paid protestors. The media covered it and unfairly demonized the police that protect them and us.  The media repeated the lies and the distortion.

Which brings us to the unhealthy demonization of Trump, his family, his supporters . and his team. Every day, we see the distortion of facts and outright lies of the Democrats and the media.  The leftist activists have even gone after businesses, extorting and threatening them to drop Ivanka Trump’s brand, her clothing and home furnishings.  They have attacked President Trumps children, even his ten year old. Their fanaticism has gotten dangerous. It needs to stop. The left must see their intolerance and bigotry have become a sickness. The ends do not justify any means. In fact, the ends will not be what the Democrats hope. America is fed up with the lies and distortion. America is fed up with the innuendo and deception. We have started to listen to what Trump says. We read the executive orders . We know what they say. We know the liberal media spins facts to fit their bigoted intolerance for conservatives and Trump.

Democrats complain about the rough roll out of the immigration ban, as they continue to obstruct and delay President Trump from forming his cabinet. Democrats continue to create crisis after crisis, they continue to disrupt and distract with their lies and incitement rhetoric. While our police are busy with the violent protests and disruption from the Democrat lies, will a terrorist attack slip by them?   Will the delay in forming Trump’s cabinet cause a terrorist to slip by authorities? Will we have another financial crisis because Trump’s people are not governing, reducing, reforming or reorganizing our bloated, incompetent corrupt bureaucracies?  Will a terrorist slip in through immigration because an activist Judge and an activist Circuit Court delayed a temporary ban on 7 nations who do not have reliable public records to use when vetting immigrants?  How dare the courts put our nation in such danger. Only Trump and his team have seen the threat assessment and the intel reports. Again the media and the Democrats have lied regarding that ban. They have said it is a Muslim Ban, despite the other 43 Muslim nations not being in it and despite the executive order saying it was a regional ban. They also carried the judges lie that not one terrorist has come from those banned nations, despite knowing that there have been 72 people from those same nations have been found to be involved in terrorism.

I will blame Democrats, I will blame the liberal media, I will blame the Hollywood leftist activists, I will blame the paid agitators and I will blame the protestors if we are attacked because they stopped and hindered the focus on our security.  Most of America will blame them, not President Trump and his team, who the left has obstructed at every turn. Democrats and the  liberal media lied, spun and distorted facts and they have put our nation and our people in danger.  Most of America will blame them for their disruption and obstruction. We are fed up with their intolerance and bigotry that leads them to create chaos.  We are fed up with their blind hatred and fanaticism.



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