Why are the Democrats being so obstructive and why are they demonizing Trump and his Entire Team?

Why is the Democrat leadership being so obstructive and demonizing to every member of the Trump team? Because they think Trump and his team will fix the mess that career politicians, unelected bureaucrats and their cronies have made.  That has to be the answer.  They know they cannot force their vision on America unless there is social unrest and economic failure. We have only to look at the inner cities to see what the Democrat leadership want for this country. We have only to look at the crisis’ created from the false distorted rhetoric of  Barack Obama , the Democrats and the politicized DOJ did to force federal controls on our local and state police. You only have to look at the dangerous 20 Trillion dollar debt to know this is what they want- economic failure, destabilization and chaos to force their vision. What is that vision? We just have to look at the Obama years to know.  They want us to surrender to governance by unelected authoritarian global and state bureaucracies controlled by the leftist elites in  Government, Business, Finance, Academia and Media. It is what has happened in Europe. That is the reason Britain voted for Brexit. The Trump Presidency was Americas No vote to the Democrat vision, but they continue to create social unrest with their organized protests, using the 30,000 Sal Alinsky trained agitators from Barack Obama’s OFA.  Our former President is a bit of a snake and the Democrat leadership supports his evil vision for America, the land of the free.

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