Hitler was a social justice warrior, just like the Democrats


When you look at what Hitler did before he became the existential enemy of the free world, you see the exact same playbook from Democrats and Barack Obama. Hitler denounced capitalism and free markets, just like the Democrats do at every turn. He demonized the Jews, just like the Democrats demonize Israel and PM Netanyahu.  He made his opposition the enemy, just like the Democrats make all conservatives their enemy. He made ethnic Germans , an aggrieved group victimized by his enemy list, just like the Democrats do when they say Republicans, Trump, police and all conservatives are the enemies of immigrants, African Americans, the gay community, the Muslim community and all other minority groups.  Clearly Identity politics and grievance rhetoric are being used by the Democrats to organize and unite, just like Hitler used them to organize and unite all Germans to support him.  Clearly Democrats are using deception, distortion and inciting rhetoric to organize and unite against conservatives, Trump and his team. They are using Sal Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to protest and riot. In fact Barack Obama’s group OFA has trained 30,000 agitators to disrupt and divide this nation at all public events and George Soros, a known global Marxist is funding more agitators. What kind of ex President disrupts and destabilizes the nation he says he loves? Not a good one that is for sure.


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