Trump and WE the People have cause to distrust and disparage the liberal media.

Trump and WE the People have cause to distrust, detest and disparage the liberal media.  The liberal media became the propaganda arm of the Obama Administration and the cheerleader for Hillary Clinton, ignoring, downplaying and excusing the blatant deceptions, corruption and incompetence of both and demeaning and misrepresenting the views of every conservative candidate, especially Donald Trump.

From Fast and Furious to Benghazi to encouraging revolution and regime change in the Middle East to arming Islamists to depose Assad, Mubarak  and Khadafy, to the red line to the increased surveillance state to the created race and police brutality crisis, to damaging identity politics that divide us, to the dangerous Iran Deal to Obama’s OFA paid agitators disrupting, distorting, deceiving to the leaking of government information to stop Trump from reducing, reforming and reorganizing our bureaucracies and reforming foreign policy, it has been an amazing anti American attempt to change America into a government by unelected authoritarian bureaucracy controlled by the leftist elite in Government, Business, Finance, Academia and Media. Unfortunately, Obama has not stopped pursuing his anti American vision. He has ramped up OFA and trained 30,000 agitators to continue to disrupt, deceive and destabilize America. Obama and the radical left know that their obscene agenda can only succeed thru the destabilization cause by economic failure and social disruption. Soros, Steyer and other billionaire globalists have the money to pay for Obama’s vision, their leftist vision.

In retaliation, the liberal media is trying to put a label of an anti free press on President Trump when it is their own behavior that has earned them scorn by our President and our people.  Unfortunately, even the good media has bought into their faux concern. It was not Trump who kicked out a conservative reporter from the White House Press Pool. That was Obama. It was not Trump who  litigated and spied on a reporter, his family and his employer because he was asking too many probing questions. That was Obama. Whether it was because of intimidation , coercion or collusion, the liberal media became State Media under President Obama.  They literally, let him hurt our nation and her people.

President Trump has a right to free speech, too. He has a right to call out the liberal press who continue to distort, demean  and disparage Trump’s agenda.  Case in point, instead of calling it a temporary security ban of 7 nations, the liberal media reports it is a Muslim ban and that canard is carried thru the liberal activist court. Instead of saying it is a deportation of undocumented felons, the liberal media reports it is a deportation of immigrants. Instead of calling it a patient based healthcare replacement for the ACA, the media reports it is a denial of care for our people. Instead of saying how dangerous the intelligence leaks are by leftist activists in our bureaucracies, the media reports how distrustful and worried intel and bureaucrats are of President Trump and his team.  Instead of reporting facts, the liberal media deceitfully reports Trump is a racists, a bigot, an anti Semitic, an Islamophobia, anti women, a fascist, a white supremacist, despite the fact that if you look at the Trump Administration , if you look at Trump’s business, you see inclusion, impartiality and diversity.

The liberal media deserves our scorn and distrust. They have not served us well. They have not protected our freedoms. They have not reported truthfully.  They have abused their free press right, demeaning and ridiculing  conservatives and their beliefs, distracting and disrupting with create crisis, deceiving thru omission and distorting, disparaging the conservative vison and indeed the conservative American people. The liberal media has decided to incite the mob, instead of informing us.  Yes, the liberal media, deserve Trump and We the People’s scorn and distrust.


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