Barack Obama used the spy agencies to spy on Candidate Trump.

Barack Obama used the spy agencies to spy on Candidate Trump.
It looks like the Obama Administration trumped up a Russian collusion charge against Trump to get a warrant for wire taps against Presidential candidate Trump, just like they falsely charged  James Rosen for wiretaps on his family, friends and employers office lines. Obama did the same to 20 phone lines from Associated Press office phones and  AP reporters,  seizing two months of data.  How many other Americans who oppose his agenda, has Obama illegally spied on? There is a FISA trail and there is a denied FISA trail for this McCarthy-like witch hunt against President Donald J. Trump.
They evidently found nothing to charge Trump with, so they used the Fake News of innuendo and lies to demonize and delegitimize Trump. Obama even softened the intelligence protection laws by allowing a larger group, (ie: Obama propagandists(Leakers of FakeNews) in the bureaucracies),  to read intel.  Clearly, Obama and Hillary would have used intel from the wire taps if they found something.  Could this be one of the reasons for Democrats continued refrain of Russia and Trump collusion..Is this the real reason Democrats have accused honorable, patriotic men and women on Trump’s team of being traitors….to hide and give cover for the illegal wire tapping of a presidential candidate and his people, during an election, by Barack Obama? Is the liberal media complicit in the Obama cover up, corruption and war on Trump or are they useful idiots? ( CNN NBC News CBS News ABC News NYT Politics Washington Post)…..
If not for election opposition intel, why did Obama continue to wire tap Trump and his people after it was found there WAS NO COLLUSION BETWEEN TRUMP AND RUSSIA? Obama is fast becoming the enemy of #WeThePeople ,our Constitution and our rule of law.
President Trump needs to get his people in place and remove every Obama loyalist from the bureaucracies. It is clear, Barack Obama used every agency as a political weapon and a leftist propaganda arm. Our former president, governed through a corrupted bureaucracy and abusive executive orders. His behavior is and was so disgusting and so anti American. #DrainTheSwamp
Everyone should remember Obama spied on other national leaders during their elections. He spied on German leaders, British leaders, Israeli leaders, Kenyan leaders, Guatemala leaders, Ukrainian leaders, Egyptian…who else and did he share intel with their opposition too? He even funded the opposition with tax dollars in Israel and where else? It looks like Obama is a megalomaniac, a wanna be despot. Everyone should also remember how Barack Obama destabilized the world, especially the Mideast and Africa, by encouraging and funding revolution and regime change. He and Democrats also used incendiary deceitful rhetoric  about America’s inherent racist nature and police brutality, to create crisis after crisis which has caused so much social disruption and violence in our nation.

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