OBAMA knew about the surveillance of Trump and he exploited it to undermine the Trump Presidency.

Yesterday, we learned what we all suspected and hoped was not true.  OBAMA knew about the surveillance of Trump and he exploited it to undermine the Trump Presidency.  Obama, Clapper, Brennan and Comey all knew that Trump and his people had been swept up in foreign surveillance, they allowed the unmasking of American citizens names and they allowed the release of that information to a recently increased intel group which included political activists, to disseminate, manipulate and leak. The leakers used half truths, innuendo and lies to demonize Trump and his team.  Obama and our intelligence leaders all denied there was surveillance of Trump and his team, when they all knew there was. They kept quiet while Trump and his people were demonized, ridiculed and called liars. What a dishonorable and underhanded thing to do!

Did Obama order the manipulated leaks that have been used to demonize Trump and his people? No one can rule that out, nothing should surprise us, Obama has already been caught using the bureaucracies as a political weapons against his opposition, most notably using the IRS to silencing conservative voices in the 2012 election by denying 501C4 tax status. Obama has also been caught collecting the data of the AP, Fox News, Rosen, Atkinson and even the Congress. . Obama has also been caught spreading negative propaganda based on manipulate data, about Trump, to our allies and other world leaders.

No, it should not surprise us that Obama would collect data on a presidential candidate and his people, manipulate it and use it to demonize. He has done it before and more. We witnessed the lies, half truths and accusing innuendo he and other Democrats used to demonize our police,all white people and all Republicans, conservatives.  Obama and the Democrats have created much social unrest, distrust, disrespect and division in our nation with their inciting rhetoric.  But it does surprise us, doesn’t it? How could an American President seek to undermine another President and in doing so hurt our nation?  Why would Barack Obama work so hard to destabilize our nation, to make our nation fail?

It is clear, America must not allow the establishment to hide behind government secrecy and the so called classified data. Barack Obama counted on the intel bureaucracy to hide his dirty deeds. The more day light we shed on this abuse of government power by our surveillance communities, executive and legislative bodies, the better.  The reason, America sent as many outsiders to Washington is our Government scared the hell out of us. We saw the abuses of power. We saw the increased governance by unelected, authoritarian global and state bureaucracies that were controlled by a handful of leftist elites in Government, Business, Finance, Academia and Media . We saw Barack Obama govern by executive orders and a politicized bureaucracy, including our judiciary, completely ignoring the Congress and the will of the people. Yes, it scared the hell out of us.

Bottom line, Obama, Brennan, Clapper and Comey lied by omission.  They knew about the surveillance and they kept quiet while others disseminated and manipulated the intel and leaked it. They were complicit in the demonization of Trump and his team. They were complicit in the dishonorable agenda to undermine the President of the United States. If that isn’t traitorous , it is anti American.


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