The Trump/Russian connection Lie.

Democrats continue to state that there is a Trump Russian collusion, despite all the intel people saying there are no facts to back up their accusation. Why? Are they just trying to justify their unexpected election losses or……are they attempting to hide the Clinton and Podesta very real Russian connections? It was Hillary Clinton who traded the sale of 20% of our Uranium deposits to Russia for millions’ in Clinton Foundation donations and Clinton Family speech fees.  It was Podesta who owned 75,000 shares of a Russian funded energy company while he worked for both President Obama and Hillary Clinton or.. ……… are Democrats deflecting and hiding the very real facts that Barack Obama again used the surveillance agencies to spy on President Trump, his family and his people for political purposes? Did Barack Obama use the excuse of talking with a Russian Ambassador to surveille Trump World? I think that is exactly what he did. Why did Barack Obama enlarge the intel group who are allowed to see raw intel and why did he order the unmasking of our citizens in that intel? I think it was to hide that it was his people who leaked the manipulated deceitful, smearing intel about Trump and his Team. I think he did it to hide his spying for political gain. I think he spun the Russian/Trump connection to hide what he did and I think Democrats know it.  I think Democrat leadership knows that Obama is dirty and engaged in criminal activity. They know there was no collusion between Trump World and Russia, but they will continue to shamefully demonize and deceitfully smear Trump, his family and his team in an attempt to stop Trump accomplishing his promises to the American people.  Democrats have made a “ends justify any means” war on not just Trump but on We The People.  Democrats have become a fanatical intolerant and bigoted party. Like the cults we have seen in the past, Dems repeat their leftist propaganda and chant it.


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