The liberal media still will not admit that their behavior before and after the election was biased, spiteful and meant to injure Donald Trump.

The liberal media still will not admit that their behavior before and after the election was biased, spiteful and meant to injure Donald Trump.  I think they have begun to believe the Democrat Party propaganda of smearing innuendo, half truths and lies that they so willing reported. I think they need to believe it all to excuse their unacceptable behavior.

The liberal media loved Barack Obama, they protected him and made sure stories that proved his Administrations incompetence and corruption, did not last more than a day or two.   Barack Obama interfered in the elections of other countries, over and over again, from Central and South America to the Ukraine, Kenya, Europe and Israel, but the press said nothing. President Obama destabilized the Mideast and northern Africa, by encouraging and funding revolution and regime change, going so far as to arm Radical Islamists to depose dictators and the media said nothing , never held him to account. President Obama said America was inherently racists and he accused our law enforcement of brutality and injustice. He and other Democrats deliberately created social unrest with their inciting rhetoric filled  with smearing innuendo, half truths and lies regarding police shootings of black men. Again, the liberal media fell in line and reported what Obama wanted them too, supported his propaganda and never questioned why our President would deliberately divide our nation, create more distrust, disillusion, disaffection and disruption.  The media still haven’t questioned why Barack Obama’s OFA and other leftist groups are continuing to fund violent protests around our nation.

The Liberal media were cheerleaders for Hillary Clinton and downplayed the seriousness of her use of a private server for sensitive and classified State Department business, as well as the clear connection between government access and favor with Clinton Foundation donations and Clinton Family speech fees.  They downplayed the obscenity of Hillary’s denial for security to Libya and her and Obama’s denial of assistance when Benghazi was attacked. The media carried Obama and Hillary’s water and  repeated the excuse of no assets in the area, when clearly there were. They even allowed Obama and Hillary Clinton to lie and blame a video and then much later, they allowed them to say no, we always told the public it was terrorism.  Again they allowed the Obama Administration to manipulate and parse words. It was not the DNC or Podesta hacks or the Russians who defeated Hillary Clinton, it was Hillary Clinton’s greed, corruption and incompetence that were proven in the Benghazi and Unsecured Private Server investigations that defeated her.

President Trump  is honest and forthcoming in all of his numerous interviews and press conferences , but when his words are manipulated and spun to show him in a bad light, he and the public have a right to call foul .  You know exactly what Trump is thinking and where he stands.  Most Americans see President Trump as a patriot, a pragmatist, a successful and accomplished problem solver, as are all members of his team.  Americans know that we need problem solvers and are very grateful that Donald Trump and his team members have volunteered to fix the numerous problems we have, but not the Democrat Leaders and definitely not the liberal media.  They continue their obstruction, protecting Obama’s so called legacy, even though it harms our nation and our people.

It is not President Trump who threatens our first amendment rights to free speech and a free press, it is Democrats and their leftist activists. It was President Obama, not Trump who spied on the media and several journalists and the liberal media said nothing.  The Obama Administration was caught spying on Sharyl Atkinson, James Rose, his family, his employer Fox News and the AP but the media downplayed it. Why?  It was President Obama who kicked Fox News out of the White House pool, but the liberal media forgave him when he reversed his action when there was so much outrage. Amazingly, it was the White House press pool that led that outrage. Would they do that today?  It was Barack Obama who used every government bureaucracy as a political weapon and propaganda arm for the left, including our intel agencies and the IRS. Even today the press would rather blame Russia and repeat the excuse ruse that Trump and Russia colluded in the last election than report how President Obama used government surveillance powers for political gains.

Most troubling still, is the fact that Barack Obama’s OFA and other leftist groups are funding the violent protests on our campuses that intimidate and silences conservative speech.  It is Barack Obama who allowed leftist indoctrination in our primary and secondary state run union schools using behavior modification techniques of intimidation and peer pressure, that will create  compliant citizens who do not question authority.  It is Barack Obama and the radical left who are the enemies of the first Amendment and Constitutional liberties, not Trump, not conservatives.  Trump and conservatives are trying to return us back to Constitutional governance and adherence to the rule of law.  America put President Trump in the Oval Office to reduce, reform and reorganize the government bureaucracies, so that they work in an efficient and fiscally sane manner, while giving good service to our people.  America’s vote  for Donald Trump was a no vote for governance by unelected authoritarian global and state bureaucracy, controlled the a small group of leftist elites in Government, Finance, Business , Academia and Media.  That is the path Barack Obama had us on and America rejected it. America rejected the We Know Best Crowd that have made such a mess not just in our country, but all over the world. America realized we could not trust some news outlets and their journalists and we rejected the Main Stream News.  The guardians of our Constitutional freedoms failed us. They worked against We The People.


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