Trump fires Comey.

The press and Dems continue their demonization of Trump, questioning the timing and reason for firing Comey, inferring that Trump must guilty of all their accusations, but the truth is since Democrats delayed the confirmation of the Deputy Attorney General  and AG Sessions has recused himself from all things connected to the election and Russian interference, Trump had to wait for any investigation into Comey.  The press and the Democrats are completely ignoring Deputy AG Rosentein’s letter recommending  Director Comey’s termination.  Trump responded to his recommendation. Rosentein is after all the supervisor of the FBI director and he found Comey to be unqualified and unable to lead the FBI.
While I was very glad Comey informed the public as to how reckless Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured private server was, I never understood his reason for not recommending prosecution.  I was glad the Dems could not hide behind the fact that they did not know when they went to the polls. I always blamed AG Lynch for refusing to appoint a Grand Jury to prosecute HRC for mishandling sensitive and classified documents, and for Comey s overreach and weird statement as to why there would be no indictment, but after witnessing Comey’s narcissistic self serving flamboyant testimony last week, it may be Comey thought he was god. It looks like Comey is part of the “WE KNOW BEST CROWD” who think their opinion is superior to what our Constitution and laws say.
Comey’s effusiveness in regard to his job  satisfaction and his over the top regret for inserting himself into our election process, last week, made me wonder if he was not complicit in the Obama spying and unmasking of Trump World and the spying on the media, their associates and their families, as well as many members of Congress and the possible spying of other Presidential candidates. It made me wonder if he was not complicit in Obama’s abusive use of every government bureaucracy as a political weapon and propaganda arm. It made me wonder if Comey was not being totally honest  and possibly was manipulating the information he gave the Trump Administration and Congress.
It is weird that Director Comey would slow walk the Russian investigation when he knew it was being used as a political weapon against Trump, dividing our nation, causing social disruption and making our people more distrustful of our leaders.  If there were any facts to prove the accusation of a Trump/Russian collusion, it would have been leaked, instead Dems and the media continue to use smearing innuendo, half truths and lies to delegitimize Trump. If there had been any dirt, Obama’s extensive spying would have uncovered it. All Obama could do was release the raw unmasked intel from spying on Trump World to activists to manipulate and leak.
 It was so damaging, so disruptive and destabilizing to our nation for Comey to be so evasive with Congress last week. Did he hope to have President Trump in his pocket, present himself  as the hero and exonerated him, as well as Flynn? He sure put himself in the middle of the political theater more than he should have. If so he waited and manipulated too long.

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