It is dangerous for the media and Dems to choose the manipulated intel of a traitorous leaker with an unknown agenda over the word of our President and his unimpeachable team members.

Marian Haworth It is so dangerous for the press  and Dems to embrace and choose the manipulated intel from a traitorous leaker with an unknown agenda over the word of our President, Sec McMaster, Sec Tillerson and Advisor Powell that there was NO highly classified materials shared. The Press is endangering our security because of their fanatical need to demonize and delegitimize Trump. Why would they hurt the standing of America , cause distrust with other nations and demonize President Trump before his first Foreign trip? Is the agenda of the leaker to ostracize Trump from the world community, to cause distrust and to stop Trump’s peace agenda? Yes. Has the Press endangered our security and foreign policy. Yes.
It is also so dangerous for our judiciary to second guess an executive order connected to our security. If it was a Muslim Ban the other 48 predominately Muslim nations would be involved, not just the 6 who have no reliable public records.
This continued resistance, this continued negative aggressive reporting, this continued second guessing of Trump’s motives and actions is endangering our security and the world. Radical Islam and its intolerant, barbaric supremacist political theology, is the common enemy of the world. We have to work with every nation, including Russia, Muslim Nations and Communist nations to defeat it or we will have to continue to deal with decades more of Terrorism. It is moral to share relevant intel to protect people, including the Russian people.

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