It is dangerous for the liberal press to continue to report so many unsubstantiated manipulated leaks from unknown sources.

It is so dangerous for the liberal media to keep hammering the public with so many leaks from unknown sources, whose agenda is unknown, and who present no proof for their accusations. Every story has a negative spin, smearing President Trump, his team and his family with innuendo, half truths and lies. It is hypocritical for them to be so aggressive in their unsubstantiated negative reporting, especially when they did nothing when the Obama Administration used the ATF to sell guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, refused hundreds of request for more security for Libyan Embassy, told the American People assets were ready to answer any 911 attack , refused, didn’t even try to send any rescue after the Benghazi attack, falsely blamed the attack on a video afterwards, never censored Hillary Clinton for using an unsecured server for sensitive and classified State Department business, never censored Hillary Clinton for deleting government emails, never censored Hillary Clinton for excepting Clinton Foundation and Clinton Family Speech Fees from the same entities she was granting government access and favor to, used the IRS to silence Tea Party voices in the 2012 election, used the ATF, the FBI, OSHEA, and the DOJ against Tea Party Leaders, interfered in foreign elections, funded and provided personnel to Netanyahu’s opposition and the Ukrainian President, encouraged Revolution and regime change in Muslim Nations, going so far as to arm Islamists to depose dictators, made an Iranian Nuclear Deal that transferred millions in cash on wooden pallets and gave a legal path to nuclear weapons in 10 yrs, release classified information that endangered Seal Team Six and our military, used surveillance powers to spy on Democrat political opposition, not just Trump World, spied on the media, Rosen, Atkinson, Fox and the AP, and spied on Congressional members. No, the liberal press said nothing about the overreach of Obama and his people, about their incompetence and their corruption, but they sure are quick to spread unsubstantiated accusations from unknown activists with their manipulated information. The liberal press have become the enemy, not the protector of American liberty.

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