After inciting the fanatical left to violence, the Media claims endangered victim status.

After inciting the fanatical left to violence with their deceptions, the Media claims endangered victim status.  This morning, I woke up to several journalists saying their lives have been put at risk because our President and most conservatives have spoken out against their agenda to undermine and overthrow this presidency.  I think the media needs to be reminded it is not conservatives who are rioting and shooting their opposition. It is the leftist fanatics who are causing the social disruption and violence.  It is the people who believe the smearing innuendo, half truths and lies the media and the Democrats have broadcast to the world, that are intimidating and silencing their opposition by any means necessary.

The media has ignored so many unethical unconstitutional acts by the Obama Administration.  Look at the things we found out during the Russian Investigation. We found out there was NO collusion, but the media will not let it drop. We found out that the Obama Administration used every bureaucracy as a political weapon against his opposition, including the abusive use of the IRS, the DOJ, the ATF, OSHEA and our intel agencies. Not only did Obama spy on the media, their families, their employers and Congress, he spied on Trump World and other candidates during the election.  Obama used FISA to surveille Trump World. Susan Rice unmasked Trump world and the raw data was handed out to a recently enlarged intel community that included activists who manipulated and leaked it to leftist media outlets, who reported the unsubstantiated, anonymous stories.  We have also learned that AG Lynch  obstructed the Hillary Clinton Investigations. We have also learned that former FBI Director Comey leaked manipulated data to force the appointment of a special prosecutor and we learned that the Assistant FBI director has connections to the Democrat Party. Obama’s abuse of our bureaucracies is “Watergate” on steroids, but the media are silent.

Hopefully, when ATT&T buys CNN, they will hire competent, truthful journalists to replace the leftist deceitful propagandists currently there. Many journalists act like cult members, ready to do anything, say anything to achieve their goal of undermining and stopping Trump’s agenda, the agenda that Americans voted for. Unfortunately, some in the media are more than willing to deny the will of the people, thinking their vision is superior to the American voter. America rejected their tin god Obama and his leftist vision.  America rejected governance by the unelected authoritarian global and state bureaucracies that are controlled by leftist elites. America rejected Hillary Clinton, her greed, her corruption, her incompetence and her deceit. America voted to fix the mess the #WeKnowBestCrowd have made, from the $20Trillion debt to the tax code to the job killing regulations to the ACA to the unsecured borders to the existential threat of Islamism. We voted for President Trump because he said he would fix it all.  He is making good on his promises.




The Obama Administration’s use of the bureaucracies as political weapons and propaganda conduits is an abuse of power 10 times worse than Nixon’s.

The Obama Administration’s use of the bureaucracies as political weapons and propaganda conduits is an abuse of power 10 times worse than Nixon’s. It was and is Watergate on Steroids.

Aren’t you fed up with Comey dance?  I am. He should have informed the public and finished his Russian investigation long ago, instead of yelling “That is classified.” He knew the Dems and the lib media were killing Trump by a thousand cuts with the anonymous, unsubstantiated manipulated leaks full of smearing innuendo, half truths and lies.

How long will our citizens allow Democrats to use unsubstantiated anonymous news reports to demonize the Trump Administration with smearing innuendo, half truths and lies? The real crime, is that the Obama’s Administration collected raw data on Trump World, other candidates, the media and the Congress, unmasked it to intimidate and silence their opposition. In some cases the Obama Administration released the unmasked raw data to a newly enlarged intel community to be manipulated and leaked to demonize opponents . That is a crime. The intel community and FISA are complicit in this abuse of power. We must have better oversight to see that this never happens again. Big Brother is here. We must control it or we lose our Republic Why is Congress overlooking it?

Why is Congress overlooking the fact that Obama used every bureaucracy as a political weapon against his opposition and as a leftist propaganda tool? Obama appointed leftist activists and partisans to key positions to carry out his abuse of power. Obama’s behavior is Nixon on steroids. This is Watergate magnified ten times over. That is why we have the negatively manipulated leaks to undermine Trump, his people and to stop his agenda to replace the taxcode&ACA ,to pass a balanced budget,to defend and protect America, to obey our laws and to obey our Constitution as it is written.