Congress, please don’t squander this once in a lifetime opportunity to drain the swamp of waste, fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence.

Dear Congress,
If you allow two years for ACA members to transition to private care and keep some ACA taxes for those two years, you can pass Health Care Replace that accomplishes lower costs and choice. The goal is to return healthcare services back to the states and the individual’s choice.
Medicaid needs to be block granted to the states with work requirements for those that are able bodied. The goal there is to put people back to work. Passing a replacement for the tax code, reducing and reforming regulations will create jobs and result in the reduction of the Medicaid Rolls and other government welfare services. All our people need to be independent of Government welfare and free to pursue their American Dream. A fully employed America will see employers competing for employees by offering healthcare benefits, further reducing government dependence.
All regulations, taxes and mandates must be removed, most immediately and some within two years, to allow competition needed to lower costs for insurance, healthcare costs and drug costs. Repealing the ACA with a two year window to faze it out and allowing competition and choice across state lines seems to be the prudent path. Give people a better product and they will choose private sector care. No one likes to be on government services.
The ACA kicked Americans off their policies and raised their costs for healthcare. The replacement should not do that. I am expecting to look at the tax code repeal and replacement before you leave for August recess. too. You cant just keep adding to that zombie code. Repeal it. Personally, I like an across the board 15% flat tax for all individual incomes above $30,000, a flat 15% business and corporate tax and no tax on overseas profits that are invested in America to create jobs , build infrastructure and invest in research and development. A Clean and fair tax for everyone. No more pitting one class against the other. no more transfer of wealth, no more dividing envy and amoral entitlement. Congress should remain in DC until that is written and the ACA is replaced. That should light a fire under Congress and give them a reason to stop obstructing and do their job. September we must have a balanced budget, as well.  We have an opportunity to reduce, reform and reorganize our government bureaucracies that threaten our Republic. It will not come again. Don’t squander your opportunity to drain the DC swamp of corruption, cronyism, waste, fraud and incompetence.


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