My thoughts on ACA and Tax Code replacement

ACA Replacement: It is clear that the Senate will not come together and replace the ACA. The Dems and 6 Republicans will never agree. They want government care, more dependence and more government control over our lives. Having failed us so many times, The We Know Best Crowd still wants to force their will on us. We all talk about how we support Federalism, states right, so why not just bloc grant it all back to the states. Use the nuclear option, Repeal the ACA and Get rid of all the healthcare, mandates, regulations, Federal taxes, except those that pay for Medicaid, CHIPS and Medicare. If States need more revenue, let them tax their people. Give our healthcare services back to the states. Let the Democrat states give their people costly, rationed care from their socialist model. I will choose to live in a state that allows choice and competition to reduce the costs of healthcare.

My Dream Tax Code Replacement is 10% –I would settle for Donald J. Trump’s 15%–for all income over $36,000., including all individuals, all corporations, all businesses. No subsidies. No deductions. No earned income tax. No carve outs fro cronies.. It is ridiculous that billionaires and corporations are getting subsidies. Those subsidies and deductions alone will pay for the tax cuts. Allow foreign profits to come home for free, if they are used for investment in job creation, infrastructure, research and development. This simplified fair and just tax replacement will clean up much of the corruption and cronyism that pollutes DC. The corrupting lobbyist numbers will decrease also. The Federal bureaucracies have been used as a political weapon and propaganda arm against our people. They can no longer be trusted and they have grown so large, so powerful and so complicated it cannot be controlled. Most services need to be returned to the states to protect our individual liberties.


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