Charlottsville, Va

After years of violence and disruption from the lefts hate groups, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and Anarchists, the press is surprised that the KKK, the White Nationalist, the Alt Right, the militias come out to exploit the division that the Democrats have sown. None of these groups represent me or most Americans. Funny thing, they all have leftist origins, not Republican, not Conservative, not Libertarian. It is always the left who thinks they have the right to deceive to divide and sow hatred and division, never the conservative, never the patriot. It is always the leftist who thinks they have the right to silence and intimidate their opposition.It is always the leftist who engages in political murders. For the press to demonize Trump for saying we must be Americans first, love and respect one another and stop this hate filled rhetoric and violence that divides us, is less than honorable. Trump is not a racist, not a bigot. To smear him because the White Supremacists have decided to use their faux support of him to further divide and disrupt our nation further is unconscionable. The press continues to spin everything Trump does and says, so negatively, inciting and encouraging more division, more violence from the radical groups in our nation. The press has a lot to answer for. During the Obama years they were silent as he used every bureaucracy as a political weapon against conservatives and his political/ideological opposition. During the Obama years, the press allowed Obama and the Dems to lie about every police shooting of a black man, incited the mob and put targets on our law enforcement’s back. During the Obama years and now, the Democrats and leftist activist groups have demonized Republics and incited the mob, resulting in our Congressman being shot. During the Obama years, the press ignored the fact that Obama funded leftist activist groups with tax payer and OFA money. The press needs to remember they are Americans First, before ideology and party, just like our Democrat leaders do. Their desired ends do not justify any means. Creating chaos to force more statism on the land of the free is not permissible. Hate groups creating chaos thru division and incitement,  to force their vision on the land of the free is not permissible.


One thought on “Charlottsville, Va

  1. The leftist press caused the LA riots of 1991 and Maxine Waters was there cheering them on. Surprise! They are still at it.


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