My thoughts today. August 17, 2017

Put the Confederate statues and the Confederate flag in Confederate cemeteries, Civil War Battlefields and museums. The Confederacy is a defeated nation and its memorials should not be on Government property. Don’t erase our History. We need to teach our children everything, the things we got wrong, the things we have right and the things we did to right those wrongs. Our children need to know We fought against our brothers, our fathers our neighbors. We slaughtered each other. They need to know the harm we did to each so that we never do it again. As for memorials to honor our Founding Fathers who were slave owners. They were men of their time. We should not compare their moral standards by ours today. Despite their flaws, they wrote two miracle documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, that declare we are all equal, we all have inherent rights, we all have individual sovereignty. These two documents and our flag represent and unite us as one nation under God. We should celebrate that kind of nationalism, not indulge in harmful identity politics and multiculturalism lunacy. Historical wrongs have been fixed, have been corrected, but the inhumanity of slavery has not. We should direct our outrage towards the increasing business of modern day slavery instead of trying to rewrite history, destroy and punish ourselves for the past sins made by others. They are selling people every day for sex and manual labor all around the world. The Asian fishing industry employs slaves, ISIS, pervert criminals and the drug cartels sell women and children for sex slaves. Every year, we arrest people who have slaves in America. This is obscene. This needs to stop. Where is the leadership on this?

To Congress you need to quickly repeal and replace the ACA–send it back to the states so that they can make healthcare fit their individual needs—quickly replace the tax code with a simple flat tax–I like 10%. Our President likes 15%. Take your pick, but get it done. —-quickly pass a balanced budget–balance it in 5 yrs or 10 yrs, put infrastructure money in it, I don’t care, but get it done! This is an national security issue and you guys are dragging your feet. The house is on fire and you do nothing but give us empty rhetoric. Make good on YOUR promises. Our President is making good on his. Tax code replacement, regulation reduction and good trade deals will encourage the investment and creation of jobs. A good paying job, an excellent educational system and the opportunity to pursue the American Dream for all of us, citizen and immigrant alike, will solve a whole lot of problems, including silencing the Dems identity politics divisive rhetoric. The social unrest is growing because of the Dems and press’ deceitful incitement. Economic recovery and the opportunity to improve everyone’s life will stop this social unrest we are experiencing. Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you to all of your team for your service finding the solutions to our problems.  I hope to thank Congress, soon. Do your job. Keep your promises.

After years of watching the radical left destroy property, threaten, extort, bully us, some even murdering police and trying to murder Congressmen, we now are seeing the radical right are prepared to do the same. We know that Soros, Steyer, OFA and other leftist groups are funding the violent leftist agitators, but who is funding the violent right agitating groups? Who is paying these hate groups travel, room and board? We need to publish who is funding these violent hate groups. We may find out they are the same anti American scoundrels. It is clear, the goal from both the fanatical left and fanatical right are the same. They want to destabilize our government and overthrow it, to force their political vision on the land of the free.

We have seen many cowardly CEOs fold under the extortionist intimidation from the fanatical left. All these CEOs will profit from Trumps tax, regulation and trade reforms, but they appease the radicals who want to stop Trumps America First economic reforms and to make the land of the free a modern day serfdom governed by a unelected authoritarian bureaucracy controlled by leftist elites.

The social unrest caused by the press and Democrat leaders constantly spinning what our President says so negatively is very dangerous. It could destabilize our nation. What are you doing? I heard what the President said initially, when he had no facts about who the driver was. I was comforted by it. How many times did Obama weigh in on a violent event without the facts, blaming inherent racism and police brutality where our courts found that there was no racism, no police brutality? Trump was prudent in what he said. Shame on the Press. Shame on the Dems for dividing this nation over and over again for political gain. Why did Charlottesville Mayor and Va Governor allow so many hate groups into their city and why didn’t they separate them? Sessions will find out, but by then the Dems and liberal media will have demonized Trump and incited the mob to continue with their violence. …….David Duke and all the other violent hate groups that made Charlottesville their rioting destination–White Nationalists, Black Nationalists, Nazis, ANTIFA, KKK, Black Lives Matter—-do not represent me, so not represent Donald Trump or any of his team, do not represent most Americans. Racism and bigotry are learned. Why parents cripple their children’s minds and lives with this obscenity I do not know. The identity politics of the left and right are dividing our nation, creating social unrest, violence, chaos and distrust. We need to remember America is the melting pot. We are Americans, we are one community who unite under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, not little separate bigoted, special interest communities who make their own rules.




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