To all Americans, Refugees and Immigrants that pollute our land with their evil ideology, bigotry and crimes.

To all Americans, Refugees and Immigrants that pollute our land with their evil ideology, bigotry and crimes. Stop your social disruption, your tyranny, your lawlessness, your intimidation, your intolerance, your violence or LEAVE. We Americans, don’t want you. You don’t represent us. You have nothing and you stand for nothing that we want. There is no tolerance for your disgusting actions and beliefs in America.

To all  Refugees and Immigrants  ASSIMILATE or LEAVE.  Embrace, accept, adopt our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and our Rule of law or LEAVE. You came to our nation fleeing violence, crime, oppression and poverty.   You did not or could not stay in your home nations and fight for your rights, for your freedom. Some of you had a Constitutional government, but you did not or could not defend it.  That is okay, many of our ancestors came here the same way, but they assimilated, they embraced American values, adopted our Founding documents and they obeyed our laws. Americans have defended our Country, protected our inherent rights with each generation.  We Americans. even defended other nations to make them free from oppression.  Knowing all that, you immigrants, you refugees came here. Help us defend this nation and protect our people. Help make our nation strong. Help make our nation remain that shining city on the hill, that beacon for equal justice and individual freedom.

Just as American citizens before you, left their home countries, left their families, left their political traditions and embraced and defended American principles, you must do so too.  You have inherent rights here, but you do not have the right to infringe on others’ rights or disobey our laws. I am asking all immigrants, all refugees to stop hiding those that mean to do America wrong. From the cartels, the gangs, to the communists, the dictators, to the Islamists, they all want to destroy this nation and replace it with their diverse perverted visions. If you see something, hear something, say something. All anti American immigrants must be kicked out of America and those of you who want to be Americans and enjoy a free and prosperous life, you need to help defend our nation.  Don’t stand by again and allow evil to grow and oppress you again.  Help defend this nation.

To all Americans and Immigrants in the USA: We need to unite as one under our Constitution and stop this insanity of divisive identity politics and multiculturalism that is destabilizing and dividing our nation. We had a Civil War before. Fathers turned against sons. Mothers against daughters. Brothers against brothers. Sisters against sisters. Families against families. Neighbors against neighbors. State against State. We slaughtered each other. We have massive Civil War graveyards. We destroyed our land, we killed and wounded each other and after the war was done,  we united as one under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence, again.

Few American ancestors had slaves or supported slavery . It went against the equality mandates listed in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  We defeated the Confederacy and as such no Confederate flag and no Confederate memorial should be on active government property. Put them in museums, Revolutionary War battlefields, and cemeteries.  As for our Founder’s monuments, yes, some owned slaves, but they were men of their time. They held beliefs similar to all other western nations. We would do better to direct our hatred of slavery towards those that are in the obscene slave trade today. We have people, men, women, children sold and bought every day for manual labor and sex.

Don’t erase history. ISIS and dictators do that.  We need to know our history so as not to repeat it.  Some people in this nation are recklessly dividing us again, exploiting our emotions with deceitful rhetoric, flirting with another Civil War. Many of our politicians and identity groups are disgustingly exploiting the social unrest, inciting the mob to violence and intolerance, dividing our nation with their deceitful rhetoric…all  for political and ideological gains,all to overthrow this government and replace it with their vision.  We need to reject these politicians and these identity groups.  Our Constitutional rights  are being silenced and infringed upon through the intimidation of our liberal press and hate groups. Colleges are silencing opposition voices. Businesses and politicians are cowardly backing away from the President’s economic reform groups. Politicians are mouthing the usual anti bigotry rhetoric, hoping that the hate groups and the liberal press will not come after them, like they do our President everyday with their negative spin, smearing innuendo, half truths and lies.   We need to say no to the intimidation of the anti American hate groups and people.   We need to unite as one under our Constitution.  We need to be Americans. We need to embrace Americanism.

Bottom line, we all want the liberties that our Declaration of Independence promises, that our Constitution guarantees and that our laws protect and enforce. This is what we have in common, these are the ties that bind us, that unites us as one.

America, our Founders wanted a nation that gave everyone the opportunity to better their lives. The Constitution that they gave us gives all of us individual rights, individual sovereignty and inalienable God given rights. We are not a collective, we are not socialists, we are not communists, we are Americans with individual liberties. There is no other nation like us. We need to unite behind the nationalism of the American ideology and stop attacking each other, stop dividing into little hate filled, bigoted, racist, ideological, multicultural group. Stop the identity politics insanity or we will destroy our Republic. None of these violent hate groups want America to succeed, they want it destroyed and they want to replace it with whatever ideological vision they have.


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