Democrats have divided our nation with race baiting rhetoric for two centuries.

America needs a history lesson, regarding the Democrat Party. Democrats have used the mob to divide our nation with race baiting rhetoric for two centuries, all for political gains.   The Confederacy with Democrat leadership, attacked our nation. They lost. 600,000 Americans died.  Democrats incited the mob and one of their acolytes murdered our Republican President, Abraham Lincoln to stop his equality reforms and slave reparations. It was Democrats who wrote voting laws that prevented Blacks from voting in the South. It was Democrats who formed the KKK to terrorize Blacks and stop President Lincolns reforms. It was Democrats who had a KKK Grand Wizard in the Senate in leadership positions for decades. Senator Byrd served in the Senate until 2010 and he has many memorials and many pieces of infrastructure named after him. And, finally, it was Democrats who put up every single one of the Confederate statues, including Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s Father, former Baltimore Mayor, Thomas Ludwig John D’Alesandro Jr.. Democrats have never supported the limited Government mandates in our Constitution, the individual rights listed in our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.

Democrats are again trying to stop a Republican Agenda by using race baiting. Some Dems have even called for Trump’s assassination. Democrat’s deceitful inciting rhetoric have caused one of their acolytes to try to assassinate several Republican Congressmen, already. It is Democrat demonization and disrespect of our police that have encouraged criminals to assassinate our police.  It is Democrats who are supporting and funding violent Marxist groups, such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matters. Heavens, our former President Barack Obama’s OFA group is funding these organizations. Democrats are using any means, telling any lie, encouraging any intimidation and violent means, to stop President Trump’s American First Reforms which will lead to good paying jobs, better security both here and abroad and much needed bureaucracy reduction, reforms and reorganization.  It is Democrats who have used deceitful inciting race baiting rhetoric to divide our nation, all to stop Trump and the Conservative agenda to drain the swamp of corruption, incompetence, greed, waste, fraud and cronyism.  While espousing Social Justice and equality, Democrats have always worked against the people, making them dependent and uneducated. You just have to look at the inner cities that they have controlled for decades to know that. Why the supposed enlightened press supports the Democrat vision, I do not know. The press is supposed to be on the side of the people, the guardians of our people. Governance by leftist elite controlled unelected authoritarian Global and Federal Bureaucracies is NOT the what the Founders’ and our people have defended and died for, for over two centuries. We are supposed to be a government by the people and for the people, not a modern day Serfdom where elites control us for power and wealth.  How long will We The People allow our bureaucracies to be used as political weapons, and leftist propaganda arms? How long will we allow our government to deny our Constitutional Freedoms?  How long will we allow our government to abuse us? How long do Americans allow their Democrat Leadership to manipulate and incite our people thru deceitful rhetoric filled with leftist propaganda, smearing innuendo, half truths and lies?


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