The liberal media continues to ask, Why did we vote for Trump?

It is America’s rejection and fear of the corrupt, incompetent, greedy swamp monsters that put Trump in office. We watched the abuses of power thru the politicized bureaucracies, all during the Obama Administration. From the amorality of  Fast and Furious to the lies and deadly incompetence of Benghazi to the IRS abuse against Conservatives, to the use of every bureaucracy as a political weapon and propaganda arm, to the DOJ obstruction and corruption, to the forced rationed healthcare law, to the bureaucracy corruption, cronyism, greed, waste, fraud and incompetence, to the Middle East and Northern Africa destabilization caused by the encouragement and funding of revolution and regime change, to the exploitation of created crisis, to the surveillance of American citizens, including the press, Congress. Presidential candidates,Trump World and manipulated leaks to undermine this presidency, we have witnessed and are witnessing America’s biggest threat to our Representative Democracy from the Obama Administration and the leftist activists in our government.
America put Trump in the Oval Office to fix the mess that Obama left us in both here and abroad. America recognized Trump as a patriotic, pragmatic, accomplished, successful problem solver. THAT is why he is in the Oval Office instead of crooked Hillary. How corrupt has the Democrat Party become to try to force that corrupt, incompetent, greedy, deceitful, amoral woman on us as our president? America recognized that Hillary would have closed the gate and locked us out of the individual freedom, individual sovereignty and self governance that our Declaration of Independence promises and our Constitution and Bill of Rights protect. America recognized Hillary would have continued Obama’s agenda to force governance by unelected authoritarian global and Federal Bureaucracies, controlled by leftist elites. The Democrat leadership and their big anti American Marxist donors, like Soros and OFA,  are supporting anti American Marxist groups and Anarchists whose only goal is to destroy the American experiment, The radical right have the same goal. Who is funding them? America sent Trump to Washington to stop the radicals from destroying our nation. Trump has chosen pragmatic successful problem solvers, like himself, to assist him in fixing the mess Obama left us in and to return our nation to the Founders vision of small Constitutional governance, equality, sovereignty, individual rights and self governance.

The Swamp of corruption, incompetence, waste and fraud, with the assistance of the liberal press, will lie and smear to stop Trump’s America First Agenda that will provide  economic recovery, jobs that allow us all independence and the opportunity to pursue the American Dream, provide education choice and excellence for all and maintain America’s security both here and abroad. Economic failure and social disruption is the only way the left can force their freedom stealing agenda on us.


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