DACA and Immigration Reform

Regarding DACA: For eight years, we had a President who told our bureaucracies to not enforce some of our laws, including our Immigration Laws. For eight years we had a President who made his own laws by executive orders. Why our Judiciary and Congress allowed this unconstitutional behavior, I do not know. Legislating is Congress’ job. President Obama stopped Congress from legislating a Dreamer law and he unconstitutionally gave us a temporary DACA executive order. Obama and the Democrats haves shamefully used the immigrant children and their parents as political weapons and political sacrificial pawns, in their partisan and ideological war against Republicans, Conservatives and Constitutional adherents.

It is Congress that makes law. If Congress wants our Immigration system changed, then they need to do the work and pass those laws. It is clear that America is stronger with immigrant children who are educated here. It is clear that America is better off with employed, tax paying, independent law abiding immigrants. If I were Congress, I would give citizenship to the children, to the Dreamers. I would also make sure every adult Dreamer and every American High School Senior takes the citizenship test. Our people need to be educated about what our Constitution,our Declaration of Independence and our History really says. Much of the Social unrest in our nation goes on because our people are ignorant about who we are. I would also, give work permits to all law abiding immigrant workers. If they want citizenship, they need to go to the back of the line. Our immigration system needs to answer our economic needs, merit based. That means, immigration and citizenship comes after Americans are fully employed.


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