The lies that started the ignorant disrespectful kneeling at sports events.

What were the lies that started the ignorant disrespectful kneeling protests at sports events?  It all began after Barack Obama and the Democrats told America and the world that America was an inherently racist nation and our law enforcement brutalized our black families and immigrant families. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the lies continued, starting with the Florida Trayvon death. Despite being found not guilty, the court of public opinion,incited by our President lies, demonized and harassed a man for defending himself. How many times do you allow a wanna be thug teenager to bash your head into the sidewalk before you shoot him? Then came the Ferguson event. Despite a court saying it was self defense& Brown used his substantial body as a weapon, the court of public opinion, again incited by our President, demonized and harassed the policeman.  Having beat on the policeman once and trying to gain possession of the gun, Brown turned and charged to finish the policeman off.  The policeman shot him in self defense, but Obama and the Democrats made it a race and police brutality issue.There was NO “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”. After that, came the Garner case in NYC. Mayor DeBlasio insisted that the police shut down the sale of black market cigarettes. Garner died while the police tried to enforce DeBlasio’s stupid order. Garner was so unhealthy, he did not survive his own resistance to the arrest. There was no choke hold and yet our President lied and incited our people with half truths and smearing innuendo.  And finally, the prosecutor in Baltimore insisted the police clean up the sale of drugs on the city street corners. The police arrested a known drug dealer, who was high and tossed himself about so that he could claim police brutality, like he had done before. The activist prosecutor charged the policemen, but all six were found not guilty. Again, despite a court saying the police were innocent, Obama and his ban of Democrat agitators incited the mob to violence with their deceitful rhetoric filled with lies, half truths and innuendo.

What were the results of Obama’s lies? He imposed more Federal oversight and regulations on our police departments, more centralized government. He divided our nation. He caused our people to disrespect, distrust the police officers that protect them. He caused violent, destructive protests and riots with his lies.  He and Democrats did the same with our immigrant populations.  Why would he do this? Why would Barack Obama and Democrat leadership divide and destabilize our nation? Because he and they are Marxist Revolutionaries, that is why. Obama and Democrats seek to replace our self governance, representative government, individual rights and sovereignty with governance by leftist elites using unelected, authoritarian Global and Federal Bureaucracies. We have only to look at how Obama governed to know that this is true. Barack Obama used the bureaucracies as political weapons against his opposition, including the DOJ, IRS,FBI, ATF and FISA powers.

As for the ignorant kneelers who disrespect our flag, our anthem, our people,our military, our law enforcement  and our nation with their protest built on the lies of Obama, sadly, they are the useful idiots of the marxist revolutionaries. Shamefully, the NFL kneelers chose to demonize our nation at a world event in London today.  As for the owners  and managers again appeasing the radical left’s bullying, reap what you have allowed. Loss of revenue. I wont be watching sports and I wont be paying for a seat. Goodbye. America is rejecting  the unwholesomeness and unpatriotic views of the professional players who continually insult those that defend them, both here and abroad. The entitled kneelers are ungrateful to a nation that defends them and gives them the opportunity to succeed.  When the kneelers show respect and allegiance to their nation, I will forgive them. For now, I have no patience with them. .


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