The NFL has become a tool .a political weapon, a political dupe, of the radical left who have deceived our people over and over again..

The NFL has become a tool .a political weapon, a political dupe, of the radical left who have deceived our people over and over again….all to force their marxist vision on the land of the free.
There was no innocent Trayvon in Sanford. He was bashing the neighborhood watchman’s head into the sidewalk when he was shot and killed. It was self defense.There was no Hands up Dont Shoot in Ferguson. There was a wanna be thug bully who used his weight and muscled body to attack a policeman,walked off and then turned around and charged to finish him off. It was self defense. There was no choke hold that killed an illegal cigarette seller. There were policemen carrying out the mayors orders and a very large large man who died of pre existing health issues because of his resistance to arrest. There is no inherent racism in America. There is no inherent police brutality. Obama lied. The Democrat leadership lied. The media lied. Trump is not a racist. He has denounced White Supremacists and the KKK and all hate groups, but I heard a kneeling student say the opposite this morning. Did he get that misinformation from home, his school , the deceitful media or his peers?
The radical leftist groups and progressive media lied. Why? What is their agenda. We just have to look at how Obama governed by executive orders and thru our politicized bureaucracies to know what their goal is. You just have to look at the Brussels EU know what the elites want to force on all of us.  I call the plan,  a Modern Day Serfdom from the #WeKnowBestCrowd….. where the elite dictate/rule using the unelected authoritarian Global and Federal bureaucracies. It is a grab for power and profit by leftist elites and you NFL are being used as a tool to destroy America’s Foundations.
To all the NFL members, Your kneeling is disrespectful and demeaning to the flag and anthem that represents our great nation.our people, our defenders and our protectors..It is not Trump who is our nation’s enemy. I am sure every one of you has called someone an SOB before and I am sure you have  called someone else an SOB as well.
  It is the lies and disinformation of the left and the uneducated masses who do not know what our Constitution and Declaration of Independence say, what they mean and our who do not know our true history. Our Founding Documents and our laws allow all Americans the tools to right the wrongs our government and our people do. And over the last two centuries we have done that. There is no other nation that has a Constitution that  has those tools, those protections for their people and those limitations of government power.  
Our enemy is the left and the people who believe their lies enough to become a tool to destroy our nation. Obama, the leftist agitators, the liberal media and the Democrat Leadership divided our nation, picked the healing scab of racism, caused social disruption and violence and they caused us to disrespect and distrust each other with their deceitful inciting rhetoric.. Our Constitution defines us, unites us. Our laws, our Founding Documents allow us all to have the opportunity to prosper and live free.
Look at what the Democrats have done to our inner cities after decades of their incompetence, corruption and leftist propaganda. Now the Democrats seek to use our new immigrants as political weapons, as political sacrificial pawns, just like they did our Black inner city families, leaving them in neighborhoods filled with violence, government dependence, high unemployment and failed schools. Thomas Jefferson told us that we could only keep our Republic free with an educated populace. That is why the Democrats allow failing schools and protect corrupt, criminal incompetent teachers and Administrative officials. That is why the left has infected Academia and media. Our children are getting more lessons filled with anti American propaganda, marxist lessons and anti Christian lessons. Our nation is based on Judeo/Christian beliefs. No one can deny that. I won’t be watching or spending my money on the NFL franchise. Appeasement to the intimidation and extortion of the left and surrender to peer pressure will end bad for you. The left will always demand more. Look at how they are silencing free speech on our campuses thru intimidation, extortion and violence…I imagine they will demand the NFL not play our National Anthem at games, next, and your ungrateful kneelers will continue to forget the fact that this is the only nation that would ever provide them with the opportunity to have the privileged life they have. ..A divided nation can be defeated.

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