The Unnecessary Shutdown

Yes, Senator Schumer and Senator Durbin have misrepresented their conversations with President Trump for political gain.  Like so many other biased reports, Trump’s words are spun and manipulated negatively to undermine and demonize the Trump Administration and stop his America First Agenda. They have done this to distract from the amazing accomplishments of the Trump Administration’s first year. From the economic growth created because of the recent tax, regulatory and trade reforms to the DOW increases to the ACA rollbacks to the destruction of ISIS to his Peace thru Strength policy to his America First Agenda, Trump has kept his promises. He has delivered. Democrats, especially Chuck Schumer who has known Trump for decades,  know that Trump is not a racist, bigot or a jello brain, easily led dunce, changing his mind from moment to moment. They know Trump listens to his multitude of counselors, his advisers and then makes informed decisions. The Trump hating complicit media is only to glad to report the false accusations and unsubstantiated manipulated leaks. Trump does not play political games. He does not spread lies, half truths or use smearing innuendo to stop his opponents, like Dems and their complicit media do. He does not speak out of both sides of his mouth like the politically correct political class. Trump is an unfiltered blunt speaker. So what?
Clearly Democrats are stopping the funding of our government by not allowing a vote on the CR and they have been doing it since the House passed the 12 appropriations bills to fund the government in September 2017. That is why the Senate is trying to pass a one month CR again. They are putting our nation at risk by not funding our military and border security. They are hurting our people, our families, who depend on having a government paycheck, including the families of those that defend us. They are so ungrateful to those that defend them, that work for them. They are using a funding bill, an appropriation bill to try to force America to accept their flawed DACA deal. Their DACA deal does not fully fund border security. Their DACA deal does not deport criminal immigrants or stop the insanity of sanctuary cities, that put our citizens and immigrants at such risk.
Trump and his security experts have said we need $1.8 Billion every year for 10 years for border security, including a real wall where need. They also said that we need to stop the drugs, the violence, the human trafficking and other disgusting business of the foreign drug cartels and criminal cartels. They are harming our people. Trump and his Immigration experts have said that we need to secure our border or we will face another crisis from illegal immigration 30 yrs from now, another 40+Million illegal immigrants. That 11 million illegal count, as well as the 800,000 Dreamer count is not true. The Undocumented numbers are much larger and Democrats know it. Democrats know that most Republicans, most of the American people and President Trump support a path to citizenship for the law abiding Dreamers. They have assimilated. They have American families. They have been educated in America. They have jobs that support them. Dreamers are a good fit for America.
America wants to keep our Dreamers and Dems know that a path to citizenship for them will be in the March Immigration Reform bill, but they have decided to exploit them one last time, for political gain, to distract from Trumps accomplishments and to maybe distract from the very real revelations of Corruption and abuse of power in the Obama Administration and in the Hillary Clinton camp,  regarding the political use of FISA.& a politically weaponized bureaucracy, including the FBI and DOJ,  against Americans. Obama spied on Congress and the media to intimidate, to extort and to silence.  He spied on Trump World to manipulate the election and he used the bureaucracy to undermine the Trump Presidency.    #ReleaseTheMemo 
President Trump wants a Merit based Immigration Department. He wants permanent solutions, not temporary executive actions or failure to enforce our laws. He wants an end to the reckless diversity lottery and he wants a reduction in Chain Migration with only nuclear families allowed. He wants a thorough vetting of all immigrants. Trump and most Americans want an Immigration System that answers our nation’s economic needs and our refugee responsibilities. He recognizes that most illegal immigrants are fleeing oppression, violence and poverty. He recognizes they are more refugee than regular immigrant and they are here because they want a better life for themselves and their families.  Trump and most Americans support work permits for law abiding illegal immigrants, recognizing we will need all immigrant workers that are here as well as our citizens to fill the jobs created because the recent tax, regulation and trade reforms. Economic growth is needed to pay the nation destroying debt down. Economic growth is needed to fund our government. Economic Growth is needed to pursue the common sense policy of Peace through Strength. Economic Growth is needed for upward mobility for all Americans so that all Americans can pursue their American Dream. If Dems continue their obstruction and resistance, the Senate should revert to majority rules, the nuclear option. We cannot continue to allow Democrats to hurt our people.

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