Are 18 Year Olds really adults in Schizophrenic America?

Dear Governor Scott,
Are 18 Year Olds really adults in Schizophrenic America? Our military treats them as adults and it makes them warriors to defend America. Our Justice System treats them as adults. Our Financial system treats them as adults. They make autonomous decisions. At the same time, our High Schools and colleges infantilize them and our government denies them the choice of using alcohol and tobacco and buying hand guns. Now, we are talking about denying second amendment rights to 18 year olds by denying their ability to buy semi automatic long guns? How can we do that to a legal adult? In their haste to get new, easily manipulated voters, our Congress recklessly made 18 year olds adults. Twenty would have been a better age to choose for adulthood, but that genie is out of the box. Schools and parents need to do a better job at creating productive, responsible adults who can think in a logical, fact based manner.
Perhaps there is a compromise. Why not allow 18 year olds to buy a gun if they pass an NRA or its equivalent gun safety program? If we used one standardized certificate as proof that they have passed the safety program, we could avoid a government registration list. In a couple decades everyone would have taken than course. Many are doing it now, voluntarily.
First we must secure our schools, protect our children using Scanners, metal detectors, dogs and armed personnel, including personnel with a concealed carry weapons . We need to harden the security ring inside and outside our schools. The NRA and law enforcement groups have said they will look at every school and give them a plan to do this. Second we need to pass the fix NICs bill and mandate that Mental Health officials and other government agencies report dangerous individuals and criminals to NICs No buy list. Third we need to remove the laws,the protocols and layers of bureaucracy that allowed the FBI, the local police, the DCS, the school, and the mental health professionals failure to act. Whatever made the FBI not act, needs to be fixed, pronto. Everyone of these mass shooters were known by the FBI , mental health professions, DCS and law enforcement. They still failed to prevent these mass murders. All FBI tips should ring in to the nearest FBI office, not a centralized far away DC office. That is just stupid. The FBI needs to relay information to local Law Enforcement. Fourth, the schools, the families, the friends, the acquaintances, the law enforcement, all need to be able to get mentally ill dangerous people help. Schools need to provide mental health care for children who need it and they need to work to connect all children to the community. And finally, we need to reform the Mental Health system. We need to be able to force care on dangerous people. That means we need well staffed Mental Health hospitals to treat those that need it. Guns/weapons should be confiscated when a person is temporarily forced into care and then adjudicated afterwards. .
I know that you, with the help of our President, will finally get this done. We have known what needs to be done since Columbine. Securing our schools, protecting our children is the top priority. All the other reforms can be done over time. We have taken God out of schools and we have shown a disrespect for life with our abortion laws, we have allowed bullying, cyberbullying, ostracization and ridicule to hurt other children, instead of showing our children how to treat others, It is no wonder we have non empathetic , unconnected children. Perhaps, the Golden Rule should be taught, along with tolerance, inclusiveness and caring. Thank you, Governor Scott, I know you and your team will implement measures that work to protect our children..


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