Preventing these mass murders.

I listened to the meeting with President Trump and Congress regarding solutions to stop the mass murders in our schools and public places. I heard many things that would work to stop mass shootings. As most of us know,an AR 15 is not an assault weapon. It is just like any other semi auto rifle. So prohibiting its sale will do nothing to stop  mass murder. If you did that, the Dems would demand you ban all semi auto guns. As to changing the age to buy a gun to 21, what do you do with our military men? Do you confiscate the guns of young people who already own guns? How do you deny second amendment rights to adults who are 18-21 years old? How do you tell these adults they cannot defend themselves, but they can defend their country?  Neither ideas are Constitutionally workable. So, what will stop these mass murders?
You could compromise on the age limit, by requiring a gun safety class. Make the certificate, needed for 18-21 yr olds to buy a gun,  a universal easily recognizable certificate, so that there would not have to be a data base.  You could require every buyer to receive a background check.It would work just like the internet gun sales. The buyer picks up his gun at the gun store where they run the background check. It is not expensive and there is not a long wait. …
.Secure the schools, just like we secure Govt offices and Airports? YES Reform NICs? YES Reform the tip line,the protocols and follow up of the FBI? YES. Retrain first responders like the Miami Dade Sheriff Dept? YES Implement Mental Health Services and the Golden Rule in our schools? YES We need to stop the bullying and help those who need help. Reform Mental Health laws to make it easier for first responders,schools,Children’s services,medical professionals family&acquaintances to force Mental Healthcare on dangerous disturbed people? YES. There has to be a legal path to help the mentally ill who refuse or cannot afford help.
Mandate that law enforcement, govt officials&Mental Health providers report to NICs the names of dangerous people? YES Mandate that Mental Health providers follow up on Patients that are taking psychotropic  drugs and who stop coming to see them? YES.Get the FBI, local law enforcement, Dept of Children’s services and school officials talk to each other and share information? YES. Look at what went wrong with this last mass murder and fix where officials dropped the ball. YES! Goverment Agencies have failed us at every one of these mass shootings. The schools, the Department of Children’s Services, Mental Health providers local Law Enforcement ,the FBI, all knew this last mass murderer was a very dangerous person.They did nothing,despite teachers,students,family and acquaintances telling them he was dangerous. Indeed Government officials, family,friends and acquaintances knew most of the other Mass shooters .They even knew the mass murderer Bin Laden and they did NOT protect us.

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