Charlottsville, Va

After years of violence and disruption from the lefts hate groups, Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and Anarchists, the press is surprised that the KKK, the White Nationalist, the Alt Right, the militias come out to exploit the division that the Democrats have sown. None of these groups represent me or most Americans. Funny thing, they all have leftist origins, not Republican, not Conservative, not Libertarian. It is always the left who thinks they have the right to deceive to divide and sow hatred and division, never the conservative, never the patriot. It is always the leftist who thinks they have the right to silence and intimidate their opposition.It is always the leftist who engages in political murders. For the press to demonize Trump for saying we must be Americans first, love and respect one another and stop this hate filled rhetoric and violence that divides us, is less than honorable. Trump is not a racist, not a bigot. To smear him because the White Supremacists have decided to use their faux support of him to further divide and disrupt our nation further is unconscionable. The press continues to spin everything Trump does and says, so negatively, inciting and encouraging more division, more violence from the radical groups in our nation. The press has a lot to answer for. During the Obama years they were silent as he used every bureaucracy as a political weapon against conservatives and his political/ideological opposition. During the Obama years, the press allowed Obama and the Dems to lie about every police shooting of a black man, incited the mob and put targets on our law enforcement’s back. During the Obama years and now, the Democrats and leftist activist groups have demonized Republics and incited the mob, resulting in our Congressman being shot. During the Obama years, the press ignored the fact that Obama funded leftist activist groups with tax payer and OFA money. The press needs to remember they are Americans First, before ideology and party, just like our Democrat leaders do. Their desired ends do not justify any means. Creating chaos to force more statism on the land of the free is not permissible. Hate groups creating chaos thru division and incitement,  to force their vision on the land of the free is not permissible.


My thoughts on ACA and Tax Code replacement

ACA Replacement: It is clear that the Senate will not come together and replace the ACA. The Dems and 6 Republicans will never agree. They want government care, more dependence and more government control over our lives. Having failed us so many times, The We Know Best Crowd still wants to force their will on us. We all talk about how we support Federalism, states right, so why not just bloc grant it all back to the states. Use the nuclear option, Repeal the ACA and Get rid of all the healthcare, mandates, regulations, Federal taxes, except those that pay for Medicaid, CHIPS and Medicare. If States need more revenue, let them tax their people. Give our healthcare services back to the states. Let the Democrat states give their people costly, rationed care from their socialist model. I will choose to live in a state that allows choice and competition to reduce the costs of healthcare.

My Dream Tax Code Replacement is 10% –I would settle for Donald J. Trump’s 15%–for all income over $36,000., including all individuals, all corporations, all businesses. No subsidies. No deductions. No earned income tax. No carve outs fro cronies.. It is ridiculous that billionaires and corporations are getting subsidies. Those subsidies and deductions alone will pay for the tax cuts. Allow foreign profits to come home for free, if they are used for investment in job creation, infrastructure, research and development. This simplified fair and just tax replacement will clean up much of the corruption and cronyism that pollutes DC. The corrupting lobbyist numbers will decrease also. The Federal bureaucracies have been used as a political weapon and propaganda arm against our people. They can no longer be trusted and they have grown so large, so powerful and so complicated it cannot be controlled. Most services need to be returned to the states to protect our individual liberties.

Senators, Repeal and Replace the ACA today. The President has given you momentum. Don’t squander it. Income tax Replacement and a balanced budget are next. Don’t lose your momentum. This opportunity to reduce, reform and reorganize our Government will not come again. This opportunity to start draining the swamp of corruption, incompetence, waste, fraud and cronyism will not come again. Save this Republic, please.

It is disgusting that GOP Senators will not use the nuclear option to repeal the entire ACA and allow the market to compete for each individual’s healthcare needs. The GOP knows that the Dems have chose party and ideology over the needs and interests of their constituents. What the hell is so hard about blocking Medicaid with a work mandate to the states, removing the taxes, allowing choice and competition across state lines for insurance and drugs to lower costs and provide better service to our people? What is wrong with our Senators? Conservatives need to remember that after tax replacement , there will be good paying jobs created and America will be fully employed. With that full employment, employers will compete for employees by providing healthcare benefits. That will reduce the Medicaid rolls. People who use the ACA will jump on a health care product the fits their needs. Just give them a year to transition.   Having the Medicaid increase fight, is just stupid. Let the big government establishment have their increase. Medicaid will not use it. The goal is getting our people off government welfare and giving all Americans the tools and opportunity to pursue their American Dream and be independent productive citizens. . 40 million Medicaid users and 43 million Food Stamp users is obscene. We are Americans. This should not be. Add a one percent income tax to pay for the high risk pool/preexisting condition subsidy. Keep the income tax deduction for individuals who make under $150,000. Keep the Medicaid tax to pay for Medicaid. . Just get it done. Stop worrying about your next election and donors, Congress. Make good on your promises and we will vote for you, without your big donors, without Big Pharma and insurance money.

Senators, Repeal and Replace the ACA today. The President has given you momentum. Don’t squander it. Income tax Replacement and a balanced budget are next. Don’t lose your momentum. This opportunity to reduce, reform and reorganize our government will not come again. This opportunity to start draining the swamp of corruption, incompetence, waste, fraud and cronyism will not come again. Save this Republic, please.

Americans should remember Comey, another Obama appointee, leaked an opinion memo and manipulated the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Obama’s lies about collusion and possible exaggeration of the extent of Russian interference.

I wonder if the “intel” that shows how much Russia interfered with our election is new intel or Obama’s intel? In the past Obama’s intel agencies have manipulated intel summaries to support Obama’s rhetoric. What if that is the case now, regarding the extent of Russian interference? We need to remember Obama had used manipulated intel all thru his tenure. We need to remember that it was not the 17 intel Agencies that Obama said, who wrote this summary, it was 3 Agencies and Clapper that repeated it. Why lie about the number ? Why even put a number on it?

What if the Congress is about to increase the chances of another Cold War with their Russian sanctions, based on manipulated intel? What if the collusion accusation was created by Obama to excuse his surveillance and unmasking of Trump World for political gain?  I think that is exactly what Obama and his cronies did. What if Obama released the Trump World raw data to a newly enlarged intel community to put it in the hands of anti Trump activists to manipulate and leak to an eager liberal press who do not investigate or substantiate the information before publishing. The media must know all the leaks are meant to undermine President Trump and stop his agenda to drain the Swamp of incompetence, corruption, cronyism, waste and fraud, to stop his America First Agenda.

The media ignored Obama’s abuse of the bureaucracies. They ignored Obama using every bureaucracy as a political weapon and leftist propaganda arm. They ignored Obama’s surveillance of not only Trump World, but also, other presidential candidates, Congress, allied World leaders and even the media and their families. The media ignored Obama’s interventionism around the world. The media ignored how Obama destabilized the world by encouraging and funding revolution and regime change in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Israel and more. They ignored the fact that it was Obama’s interventionism that caused the Middle East Migration and refugee problem.

Obama’s abuse of power is Watergate on Steroids and the media ignores it. Why? Are the media dupes or are they complicit with the agenda to over throw this President? As for the new leak about Sessions talking about the election with the Russian Ambassador, If the Russian Ambassador knows he is being surveilled, why would he share such information on an open line? He wouldn’t unless he wanted to undermine President/Candidate Donald Trump and AG/Trump advocate Sessions? My guess is the leaked info is false, meant to undermine and stop our President’s agenda and cause divisions and disruption in the Trump Administration. Americans should remember Comey, another activist Obama appointee, leaked an opinion memo and manipulated the Justice Department to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Obama’s lies about collusion and possible exaggeration of the extent of Russian interference. The left is a bit schizophrenic regarding Comey. Do they not remember how he revealed the corruption, incompetence and recklessness of Hillary Clinton?

Congress, please don’t squander this once in a lifetime opportunity to drain the swamp of waste, fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence.

Dear Congress,
If you allow two years for ACA members to transition to private care and keep some ACA taxes for those two years, you can pass Health Care Replace that accomplishes lower costs and choice. The goal is to return healthcare services back to the states and the individual’s choice.
Medicaid needs to be block granted to the states with work requirements for those that are able bodied. The goal there is to put people back to work. Passing a replacement for the tax code, reducing and reforming regulations will create jobs and result in the reduction of the Medicaid Rolls and other government welfare services. All our people need to be independent of Government welfare and free to pursue their American Dream. A fully employed America will see employers competing for employees by offering healthcare benefits, further reducing government dependence.
All regulations, taxes and mandates must be removed, most immediately and some within two years, to allow competition needed to lower costs for insurance, healthcare costs and drug costs. Repealing the ACA with a two year window to faze it out and allowing competition and choice across state lines seems to be the prudent path. Give people a better product and they will choose private sector care. No one likes to be on government services.
The ACA kicked Americans off their policies and raised their costs for healthcare. The replacement should not do that. I am expecting to look at the tax code repeal and replacement before you leave for August recess. too. You cant just keep adding to that zombie code. Repeal it. Personally, I like an across the board 15% flat tax for all individual incomes above $30,000, a flat 15% business and corporate tax and no tax on overseas profits that are invested in America to create jobs , build infrastructure and invest in research and development. A Clean and fair tax for everyone. No more pitting one class against the other. no more transfer of wealth, no more dividing envy and amoral entitlement. Congress should remain in DC until that is written and the ACA is replaced. That should light a fire under Congress and give them a reason to stop obstructing and do their job. September we must have a balanced budget, as well.  We have an opportunity to reduce, reform and reorganize our government bureaucracies that threaten our Republic. It will not come again. Don’t squander your opportunity to drain the DC swamp of corruption, cronyism, waste, fraud and incompetence.

Civility will not defeat the Alinsky Marxist revolutionaries that are in Charge of the Democrat Party.

Civility will not defeat the Alinsky Marxist revolutionaries who are in charge of the Democrat Party. Anyone that has read the Eight Rules for Radicals knows that. Rule four is to Make your opposition live by their own rules, especially their Christian Values. Our President uses those rules to fight the libs but he has small government conservative values.

This morning, the press are saying the President is endangering their lives with his constant disparagement. I would like to remind the press, it is not the Trump voter who is rioting, intimidating to silence free speech and force their leftist vision on America. That is all Democrats, the people who believe the Dems propaganda and their paid protestors. It was not a Trump supporter who decided to try to assassinate Congressmen a few weeks ago. That was a man who believed the anti Trump smearing  innuendo, the half truths and lies that the Democrats and media feed the public every day. No, dear press you have nothing to fear from the Trump supporter. Conservatives don’t do violent protests. That has always been a leftist trait.

President Trump returned the insult and ridicule, (rule five,) Mika and Joe attacked him with every day for some time …..As the media obsessed about Trump returning personal insult for personal insult with Mika and Joe, they ignored the retraction about 14 intelligence agencies agreeing that Russia interfered with our election to make Trump President. Just as 12 activists inside of three intel agencies wrote a report on Russian election interference to fit Obama’s narrative, the media are using smearing innuendo, half truths and lies to fit the Democrat narrative and the media continues to report unsubstantiated, anonymous stories leaked to them. The media is complicit in the Democrat attempt to over throw this presidency by any means and to stop this President’s agenda, which our voters support.
Clearly, Obama created the Trump collusion accusation to excuse his unethical spying and unmasking of Trump World. Despite knowing that there was no collusion between Trump World and Russia, the media continue to report it and the FBI continue to investigate it. If there had been any facts to support that, Obama would have found it. Obama and his political activists in the FBI, NSA, ODNI surveilled Trump World for a year and found nothing. So what did Obama do? He unmasked Trump World and released the raw data to a newly enlarged intel group with Democrat activists in it. Those activists are manipulating and releasing that data to leftist media and the media is publishing it without investigating its veracity. That Obama used our intel agencies as political weapons and propaganda arms is not being reported by the media. Why? That Obama also used every government bureaucracy, including the DOJ, ATF, OSHEA, and EPA, as a political weapon and leftist propaganda arm against his opposition is not being reported, either. Why? This is Watergate on Steroids. Obama put political activists in key positions in our government and he abused his power. Those that ignore this should know that that abuse of power could be used against them, just as easy. It already has been. We know that Obama surveilled Congress, the AP, Sharyl Atkinson, James Rosen, his family and his employer, Fox News. Who else did he spy on for poltical gain? That abuse of power would have continued with Hillary Clinton. We should never forget it was Hillary Clinton that collected the FBI data on all members of Congress during Bill’s presidency. All who ignore what Obama did, should remember the lesson in the 1946 poem “First They Came”.

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

After inciting the fanatical left to violence, the Media claims endangered victim status.

After inciting the fanatical left to violence with their deceptions, the Media claims endangered victim status.  This morning, I woke up to several journalists saying their lives have been put at risk because our President and most conservatives have spoken out against their agenda to undermine and overthrow this presidency.  I think the media needs to be reminded it is not conservatives who are rioting and shooting their opposition. It is the leftist fanatics who are causing the social disruption and violence.  It is the people who believe the smearing innuendo, half truths and lies the media and the Democrats have broadcast to the world, that are intimidating and silencing their opposition by any means necessary.

The media has ignored so many unethical unconstitutional acts by the Obama Administration.  Look at the things we found out during the Russian Investigation. We found out there was NO collusion, but the media will not let it drop. We found out that the Obama Administration used every bureaucracy as a political weapon against his opposition, including the abusive use of the IRS, the DOJ, the ATF, OSHEA and our intel agencies. Not only did Obama spy on the media, their families, their employers and Congress, he spied on Trump World and other candidates during the election.  Obama used FISA to surveille Trump World. Susan Rice unmasked Trump world and the raw data was handed out to a recently enlarged intel community that included activists who manipulated and leaked it to leftist media outlets, who reported the unsubstantiated, anonymous stories.  We have also learned that AG Lynch  obstructed the Hillary Clinton Investigations. We have also learned that former FBI Director Comey leaked manipulated data to force the appointment of a special prosecutor and we learned that the Assistant FBI director has connections to the Democrat Party. Obama’s abuse of our bureaucracies is “Watergate” on steroids, but the media are silent.

Hopefully, when ATT&T buys CNN, they will hire competent, truthful journalists to replace the leftist deceitful propagandists currently there. Many journalists act like cult members, ready to do anything, say anything to achieve their goal of undermining and stopping Trump’s agenda, the agenda that Americans voted for. Unfortunately, some in the media are more than willing to deny the will of the people, thinking their vision is superior to the American voter. America rejected their tin god Obama and his leftist vision.  America rejected governance by the unelected authoritarian global and state bureaucracies that are controlled by leftist elites. America rejected Hillary Clinton, her greed, her corruption, her incompetence and her deceit. America voted to fix the mess the #WeKnowBestCrowd have made, from the $20Trillion debt to the tax code to the job killing regulations to the ACA to the unsecured borders to the existential threat of Islamism. We voted for President Trump because he said he would fix it all.  He is making good on his promises.



The Obama Administration’s use of the bureaucracies as political weapons and propaganda conduits is an abuse of power 10 times worse than Nixon’s.

The Obama Administration’s use of the bureaucracies as political weapons and propaganda conduits is an abuse of power 10 times worse than Nixon’s. It was and is Watergate on Steroids.

Aren’t you fed up with Comey dance?  I am. He should have informed the public and finished his Russian investigation long ago, instead of yelling “That is classified.” He knew the Dems and the lib media were killing Trump by a thousand cuts with the anonymous, unsubstantiated manipulated leaks full of smearing innuendo, half truths and lies.

How long will our citizens allow Democrats to use unsubstantiated anonymous news reports to demonize the Trump Administration with smearing innuendo, half truths and lies? The real crime, is that the Obama’s Administration collected raw data on Trump World, other candidates, the media and the Congress, unmasked it to intimidate and silence their opposition. In some cases the Obama Administration released the unmasked raw data to a newly enlarged intel community to be manipulated and leaked to demonize opponents . That is a crime. The intel community and FISA are complicit in this abuse of power. We must have better oversight to see that this never happens again. Big Brother is here. We must control it or we lose our Republic Why is Congress overlooking it?

Why is Congress overlooking the fact that Obama used every bureaucracy as a political weapon against his opposition and as a leftist propaganda tool? Obama appointed leftist activists and partisans to key positions to carry out his abuse of power. Obama’s behavior is Nixon on steroids. This is Watergate magnified ten times over. That is why we have the negatively manipulated leaks to undermine Trump, his people and to stop his agenda to replace the taxcode&ACA ,to pass a balanced budget,to defend and protect America, to obey our laws and to obey our Constitution as it is written.

Our common enemy is Radical Islamism, not ourselves, not our President, not Republicans, not conservatives. The liberal media and the Democrat leadership are undermining the security of this nation and the world.

Our common enemy is Radical Islamism, not ourselves, not our President, not Republicans, not conservatives. The liberal media and the Democrat Leadership are more intent on destroying President Trump by a thousand cuts of unsubstantiated anonymous accusations, than allowing him to lead the world to defeat the Radical Islamists and their barbaric heinous, supremacist doctrine. What is wrong with them? Why are they doing this? The world’s people, the world leaders, want peace, they want to stop the bloodshed, but the media and the Democrats want to destroy President Trump and stop his agenda more.  The world is crying out for peace, but our liberal media and the Democrat leadership are playing petty deceitful politics to destroy our President.

Americans rejected Obama and the Democrats vision , but the media and the Democrat Leadership will not accept our will. They continue to undermine what we the people want, what we voted for. We want a reduced, reformed and reorganized government bureaucracy that works efficiently and is fiscally sane, while giving good service. The bureaucracies have been abusive to our people, they have allowed themselves to be used as political weapons and leftist propaganda arms. Their power and their footprint must be reduced.

We want peace. We want security. We do NOT want to hear anymore social justice babble. We are tired of the social bullying, the violence, the disruption and intimidation of the left. We are tired of the division and distrust that the left’s propaganda has created. America rejected Obama’s leftist vision. Americans want peace both here and abroad. Lets work for peace.  We must be united as a people and we must be united with the world to defeat mankind’s existential enemy, Radical Islam and its heinous doctrine.  Please, shut up, media and partisan fanatics, join us and help us win this with a united effort. Please, stop, dividing our nation with your smearing innuendo, half truths and lies. United we win. Divided, we will fail. The world’s people recognize  this.  Please, stop dividing us! Please join our President as he leads our nation and other nations to defeat the Islamists, so that the world’s nations will make a better life for their people.

It is dangerous for the liberal press to continue to report so many unsubstantiated manipulated leaks from unknown sources.

It is so dangerous for the liberal media to keep hammering the public with so many leaks from unknown sources, whose agenda is unknown, and who present no proof for their accusations. Every story has a negative spin, smearing President Trump, his team and his family with innuendo, half truths and lies. It is hypocritical for them to be so aggressive in their unsubstantiated negative reporting, especially when they did nothing when the Obama Administration used the ATF to sell guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, refused hundreds of request for more security for Libyan Embassy, told the American People assets were ready to answer any 911 attack , refused, didn’t even try to send any rescue after the Benghazi attack, falsely blamed the attack on a video afterwards, never censored Hillary Clinton for using an unsecured server for sensitive and classified State Department business, never censored Hillary Clinton for deleting government emails, never censored Hillary Clinton for excepting Clinton Foundation and Clinton Family Speech Fees from the same entities she was granting government access and favor to, used the IRS to silence Tea Party voices in the 2012 election, used the ATF, the FBI, OSHEA, and the DOJ against Tea Party Leaders, interfered in foreign elections, funded and provided personnel to Netanyahu’s opposition and the Ukrainian President, encouraged Revolution and regime change in Muslim Nations, going so far as to arm Islamists to depose dictators, made an Iranian Nuclear Deal that transferred millions in cash on wooden pallets and gave a legal path to nuclear weapons in 10 yrs, release classified information that endangered Seal Team Six and our military, used surveillance powers to spy on Democrat political opposition, not just Trump World, spied on the media, Rosen, Atkinson, Fox and the AP, and spied on Congressional members. No, the liberal press said nothing about the overreach of Obama and his people, about their incompetence and their corruption, but they sure are quick to spread unsubstantiated accusations from unknown activists with their manipulated information. The liberal press have become the enemy, not the protector of American liberty.